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Asian Massage Parlor Closed – Thank heavens they can still focus on the important things with the murder rate skyrocketing!

Not feeling so well, I headed home from work early today. I couldn’t get into the garage when I got there. Why? The police were blocking it with a paddy wagon, loading a couple asian women in the back.

Let me go back a few weeks . . . I share an alley way with several houses and businesses along a major street in Indianapolis (the alley is on my side yard and the back yard for the houses on the main road).  One house has been empty since I moved in last September. It always had signs saying “office space for rent,” so I always assumed some business would lease the building. I was just hoping that if a business came, that they would have the alley plowed in the winter (no businesses came during the record snowfall and my car did get stuck). But, approximately a month ago, renovations began. I saw sheets of drywall, 2×4′s, and other building material flooding the building. I was glad to see someone would be using it.

Then, I came home one night and the sign was up “##### Massages.” I was less than enthusiastic. I was hoping that the business wouldn’t last that long. However, their business was thriving. Cars all day and night. The flashing neon open sign was still flashing every night when I went to bed at 11pm. It was easy to tell what was happening. Cars were blocking the alley and driving me nuts.

So when I came home today, I already knew the story. And I can’t lie, I was glad to see the business go. But the other side of me that loves freedom keeps screaming in my head. Do the police really think that arresting these two women and taking their money will end the world’s oldest profession? Do they even think it will stop these two women in particular? I’m certain it won’t.

While I didn’t like this business being in my backyard, I’m even more concerned with the idea this is what they are spending my tax dollars on and this this is how they are restriction more freedoms. This is a waste of taxpayer money. Further it  is the real war women that democrats won’t talk about. “My body, my choice” should mean more to liberal women that killing babies. I don’t have to like prostitution, but even when it take s my own neighborhood down a notch, I will fight for its existence.

I keep hearing on the radio and on tv that the city is experiencing a large murder epidemic. I’m sure glad they devoted undercover resources to raiding massage parlors that were making people happy (I guess a little too happy in their eyes). Maybe they just need more funding! Disgraceful.

As a side note to all of this, the WTHR article and news story bothers me almost as much on two different fronts. First, Steve Jefferson rode along with police. I’m really not a fan of the media being in bed with the police department. I also watched their cameraman as they were being frisked while being put into the truck.  He took shots unrestricted and incredibly up close (including of the lower regions) during the pat down. I found them to be highly unprofessional. (Thankfully the lower shots didn’t make it on air).

Second, WTHR points to my neighbors opposition in leading to this shakedown.  Even interviewing a neighbor who applauds the police action. I’m disappointed in my neighbors. “I don’t like it, so let’s call the police.”  It’s all too common of an argument in today’s society. I might be disappointed, but I’m certainly not surprised. I personally didn’t like it, I even hoped their business would fail, but I never would have called the police.

At least they eventually got out of the alley and I could get my car in the garage.

Deer Hunting Farms, Is There Really An Issue?

I opened the IndyStar this morning an a large lump of articles popped up on the home screen attacking Deer Farms where hunters pay for the opportunity at a trophy buck. I haven’t read through every article yet, but I’m already getting the concept. They clearly think that these types of places need to be regulated and possibly completely eradicated.

I hunt, and yes, I would even like a trophy buck someday. No, I do not understand why someone would want to go to farm to hunt trophy game. That takes away from what I like about hunting.

But, I don’t see what is so fundamentally wrong about the concept. Indy Star writers do seem to have a lot of insight on how these types of farms can spread chronic wasting disease (CWD).  I’m certainly no expert on those issues, but do wonder how much things like CWD are really effecting the deer population. Maybe its the cynic in me, but I often wonder if the effect is greatly overstated. Do other diseases at other types of farms have similar, higher, or lower rates? The truth is that I don’t know and can’t answer that.

I’m just going to stick with arguing their ethical and political concerns.  I don’t see the ethical issue here at all. We farm many other types of animals in much worse conditions than most of the deer “preserves.”  These animals have a much more free life than other farmed animals. Hunters might be able to shoot them much, much easier than a deer in the wild. But I can walk up to a cow or pig on any farm and end its life with little fanfare. I must reiterate that I don’t understand “hunting” in this manner, but I don’t take issue with it at all.

On the political side, it is clear that the Indy Star has an agenda for more laws and regulations. I don’t see the need. Central to the argument that is presented is that there might be a problem, so we need more regulation. Why? Have you proven that the problems exist or just that there is risk that they could exist? Further, I don’t see this industry growing too large. Most hunters don’t want to shoot at caged animals.  The industry will never grow as large as the authors of these articles seem to imply. So, even if there is a problem, will it ever grow large enough to cause any actual concern? I’m doubting it. But it’s clear that the Indy Star as a whole has joined in on the “we need more laws and regulations bandwagon.”

I can’t say I’m an expert on these matters. I don’t have all the facts. I’m just a hunter who gets put off by the idea that anything and everything needs regulated. Most sportsmen whom I know, take better care of the animal population and environment than anyone else. They will continue that without laws and regulations.

Please, if we are going to err, let us err on the side of freedom.